Would you like someone with wide ranging experience of working with a huge range of clients from stock exchanges to one person businesses advise you on how to make the test of your IT? Someone to help understand the business opportunities and risks, or to understand the implications of choices you make?

Even massive companies hire consultants to help with these decisions, despite having in-house expertise. It is not just aboue understanding technology (you may have IT people who can do that). It is about understanding business too. That is what I am here to do for SMEs and micro-businesses. I can stop you making expensive mistakes, I can point our opportunities you may have missed.

Free initial consultation, after that I can arrange either a regular schedule or a pay by the hour as needed approach.

How it works

The service works however it suits you. A monthly retainer or by the hour as you need it.

For most people things change so it is best to have an initial assessment followed by some sort of either regular or occaisional reassessment.

Unbiased advice

You can probably get free advice from contractors, employees or those interested in your business. What I offer is ubiased advice.

Take the simple example of choosing a technology platform for your website. Very often people choose the contractor or agency who is doing it first, and then leave the choice of platform up to them. This means that they will inevitably use their favourite platform. We will start by advising you of the pros and cons of different types of technology: the common choices are hosted platforms, CMSs, and entirely custom sites. Then you are better equipped to look or the contractor with the right skills.