Code and more LLP

About us

Code and more was recently set-up, growing out of the expansion of work Graeme Pietersz, the founder of the business, has done for a decade as a freelancer. We build we apps and custom web sites based on the Django platform, but what sets us apart from other developers is that we understand business, and have a track record of successfully advising clients on how best to use technology in their business.

We do not just develop to a specification:

This is more valuable than just coding, and why our customers come back - most of our work comes from repeat customers, and we seek to build a relationship that will last years, not just do a project and move on.

Clients and projects

For the moment the best place to see what we can do is to look at Graeme's site and his profile on a freelancing web site.

Contact us

Please email or phone +44 (0) 7421026904 during UK office hours.