Custom software may sound like an expensive and forbidding prospect, but it is actually quite economical, especially in the long term.

Of course, it depends on what you want. Our simpler services, like ugly web sites can start at a few hundred pounds, and we will be happy to throw in the first year's hosting for most sites or systems.

Even a simple CRM or web app may be cheaper than you think if you have straightforward requirements. If you know what you budget limits are, ask us what we can deliver within the limits.

What about more sophisticated systems?

We can often build a prototype or proof of concept system very cheaply and enhance it gradually into a minimum viable product, avoiding a big commitment.

Lets consider some simplified examples Suppose you are a small business with straightforward and standard needs, and need a CRM for 10 people.

Using a cheap CRM that charges £10 per month, per user will cost you £100/month. £1,200/year.

If we build you a custom CMS for £5000, and you spend another £200/year on changes and maintenance, and £10 a month on hosting (another £120/year).

So you save £880/year for an up-front cost of £5,000 you save £880 a year, an RoI of 18% and you get an easier to use system with better productivity.

If you save just a few thousand pounds a year in lower training costs and saved time, then your RoI will be much higher.

Now lets suppose you requirements are more sophisticated. So you need a CRM that costs you £50 per month, per user. You would now need £500/month or £6,000/year. Sophisticated systems require staff training, and you are likely to need to pay for help to set up a complex system to your requirements. Add another £5,000 for that in your first year (and, yes, people really do spend that, and sometimes even more for training and configuration).

Suppose we build you custom CRM for £30,000. That reflects a lot of work to cater to complex requirements. It is £25,000 more than you would have to spend up front on on the training and set up.

Assume you spend £500 annually on maintenance and £300 on hosting.

So you save £5,300/year by spending an extra £25,000. That is an RoI of 21%. Again you have the added advantage of a system designed to fit your needs. Again, if your savings in training costs and saved time will greatly boost that RoI.

On top of all that you do not need to worry that your supplier will disappear, or will discontinue the service, or change the terms of service or pricing.