Code and More

IT strategy consultancy

Do you want to align your IT with your business objectives? Do you want to have systems that are secure, reliable, productive and fit for purpose? Do you want advice from some who combines technical, business and financial expertise? Its a common claim, but not many people have evidence to back it up: Someone with a business and finance background outside the software industry can do that.

It will not cost a fortune. For SMEs experienced eye can identify problems and find opportunities quicker than you may think.

Python development

  • Web app development using Django (although we will work with other Python frameworks too).
  • Improving the performance of Python systems by improving algorithms, optimising databases, and using Pypy, Cython and Numba.
  • Managed hosting and server management for Python websites
  • Replicable automated deployment for fast disaster recovery and scaling.
  • Code review and quality control.