Want someone to take responsiblity for your Django site?

Taking over existing Django projects

Do you want a developer who can take long term responsibility for maintaining and improving your Django site? Do you need a web app implemented in Django at any stage from requirements to MVP to maintanance and enhancement? I have taken over many existing Django projects and have acumulated a lot of experience in taking over other people's code, even when hard to work with or badly documented. I improve code I work with, either as a preliminay exercise or as I go or both.


I am a reliable subcontractor who has many repeat clients, both agencies and end customers. Whether you need me to fill gaps in your in-house skillset or help with a heavy workload. I have excellent backend development skills including database design, creating clean code for complex business logic, writing tests. I can also implement front end design and the code required for most websites and apps. Although Django web apps are my main line of work, I have broad Python experience including GUI development, numerical code with Numpy, ML, and, of course, other web frameworks.

Why me?

I have well over a decade of Django experience, and nearly another decade of programming and web development experience, who produces maintainable and reliable code, please contact me.

Django's slogan is "the web framework for perfectionists with deadlines". Who better to entrust your project to than a lead developer who is perfectionist who hits deadlines?

You will know who is doing the work, and it will only be subcontracted with your agreement, and only to the extent you agree to.

We have a track record of maintaining long term client relationships. Graeme's first freelance client is still with us in 2020, after a decade.