Better Web apps for startups

What we can do

We can develop web apps and mobile app backends for startups.

We use a technology stack that is well suited to getting a site working quickly, and is a great platform for providing the APIs required by mobile apps.

A useful product faster and cheaper

Our approach is to develop a prototype and then an minimal viable product so you can launch faster, and start generating revenue.

Another advantage is that you start getting customer feedback sooner. Real world feedback is the best way to make a product people want.

It also gives you a chance to monitor results as the project progresses, stage by stage, feature by feature.

This is a cost effective approach and a lower risk one too. You avoid developing the wrong product and having to throw away a lot of work that did not do what was really required.

Business knowledge

We can provide both technical competence and an understanding of business. We have worked on a lot of different web apps for a lot of different business and know what works, we understand business and finance and can see your needs in context, not just as a list of technical requirements.

You pay for development, but get a lot of experience and advice thrown in. You do not have to take it, but its there when you need it. Some people hire us just for advice.

This also means we are better at generating ideas for improvements.