Customers and projects

A few examples of your customers and what we have done for them.


vCases provides a complex web app for improving medical students diagnostic skills by providing online training and testing using simulated cases. By practicing students improve their clinical reasoning skills.

We maintain the system that provides data and authentication (verifying logins etc.) to the Javascript front end though an API. This part of the system also provides user management, admin, payment processing and similar functionality. For example, faculty can see and chart their student's performance.

Graeme is the best kind of consultant/coder. We started out slow together, and as I tested him with increasingly critical tasks he consistently took ownership of the issues and worked to recommend and implement cost-effective solutions. Sometimes we chose the cheap-and-quick route, sometimes the deep-and-thorough, but always Graeme performs on-time and usually under-budget solutions. As Chief Technologist at a small startup, it's important to find good help, and Graeme is one of my go-to favorites for a wide variety of server-related jobs.

—Paul Howell, Chief Technologist, vCases

StudentStay allows students to find accommodation nationally from many providers. The core of the site is the purpose built search that allows users to find what they want easily and quickly, but it also provides the operators of the site with a purpose built admin interface and CRM like features to manage bookings.

Villas in Sri Lanka

Another accommodation site but very different and very far away. Villas in Sri Lanka is a luxury villa rental site. It also allows users to search, book, and pay online. However, the process is very different. As always we were able to custom build what our client required.

We also developed a review system, an availability calendar, and other functionality, each part of which is almost a web app in itself.


Egerin is a Kurdish language portal. We developed a search engine together with a web crawler and a news aggregator. The search engine even provides an "instant answers" box, and understands word stemming in the two main forms of Kurdish.

This is far more than just a another website. It uses a range of technologies to provide very sophisticated functionality.


This is a simple site, a financial encylopedia but provides a great example of how simple but custom functionality can make a site easier to manage. Having been through multiple previous versions (including a custom CMS and a Wordpress version) it became Graeme's first Django site. The experience greatly influenced our choice of technology because it proved so much more productive than other platforms. It is a popular site that has attracted over 20 million visitors in total.