Hourly rates

Hourly rates depend on the nature of the work being done, whether it can be sub-contracted, how urgent the work is, availability, and other factors, so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Fixed price services

I offer a limited, but hopefully useful, range of advisory services at a fixed price. All work is done by me, Graeme, personally. All offer impartial advice and I have a policy of not selling advisory customers development services.

Free review

A free review of one aspect of your business, most likely your website SEO and usability, IT security, backups or some similar critical or public facing aspect of it.

This could make a significant different to a small business, or be a useful starting point for any business. I can only do a limited number of these every month, so please contact me to check availability.

Simple website review

A review of all aspects of a simple website. In general this is the typical small business "brochure" website, without a lot of custom functionality (custom design is fine)

This will cover all aspects of a website: SEO, security, usability (including speed), fitness for business strategy, ideas for improvements, assessment of the quality of any custom design and development work you have had done.

Small business IT strategy review

An assessment of the requirements of IT strategy for a small business. Advice on issues such as desktop vs cloud vs vs internal cloud. Helping you to choose suitable and affordable back up and continuity solutions. Looking for missed opportunities. An overall assessment of problems and opportunities.

Industry vertical software assessment is out of scope for this, except for security, backup and, where possible, continuity.

Feasibility and strategy evaluation

An assessment of the technical feasibility and business strategy for a planned software or online services project.

The exact services will vary with your requirements, but in general it will include technical feasibility, an estimate of development costs and the risk of overruns and advice on the likelihood of success

Advanced website or webapp review

An in depth assessment of an existing, complex, website or web app

This will include a review of code quality, security, ideas for improvements, evaluation of plans for improvements, look for room for cost, reliability and performance improvements in both implementation and hosting.

This includes evaluation of backend services used by mobile apps, but not the app code itself.

Virtual CTO

For a business without an extensive custom code base or a large number of different systems. Most Small businesses would fit in to this.

This will will provide a regular strategy, security, and quality service - essentially all the services above delivered in small monthly doses, and anything else needed to make the best of your IT. It will also include meetings and casual chats to discuss problems and ideas, and help solving emergency and crisis issues.

For a larger or more complex business, or those for whom their technology is a core component of your product or service, please contact me for custom pricing.