Subscription software

We offer a middle way between paying upfront for self-hosted and customised web services or having to accept inflexible and hard to setup and integrate software as a service.

We will provide custom and customised online business software for a fixed monthly fee. We will provide and host the system. We can provide multiple services so will be a one-stop shop for all your business systems: website, CRM, accounting, file storage, office software and more.

There are many advantages:

  1. No large upfront payments.

  2. Smaller financial commitment. If the system does not deliver what you need, cancel your subscription.

  3. Single supplier: we will supply, host, setup and integrate systems.

  4. Advice and customer service.

You no longer need to pay one supplier for a website, pay another to host it, another for a CRM, another to configure the CRM and yet another to integrate it with your accounts system etc. On top of that, you can pay for everything monthly. You do not have to worry about who is to blame for failures to deliver. You need to spend a lot less time managing all this.

For some large, or heavily customised systems we may not be able to offer pure monthly payment but for almost all SME systems we can.

There are a lot of people offering SaaS subscriptions software. What is different about us, is that we offer the same with customisation and even custom built software, and we can offer the services you would otherwise need to get from yet more suppliers to set it all up.