People: Graeme

I am a geek who can talk to normal people, and I have a background in finance and invesments that helps me understand your business and give you advice in the right context. You can sum me up as a programmer with an MBA, but there is more to it than that.

My previous career required spending a lot of time talking to people who ran big business (FTSE 350 companies in the UK part of my experience), asking the right questions, and getting a grasp of a variety of businesses.

In terms of paper qualifications I am better qualified in business and finance than I am in programming, but I have spent over a decade making my living from programming (with some running websites thrown in).

That is why I have something unusual to offer, that combination of skills to figure out how to make technology work for your business.


  • 16 years of programming experience, currently at Code and More

  • Business designer (a client facing role dealing with everything from requirements to acceptance testing) at what is now LSEG Technology

  • Analyst at a stock broker and then a fund manager, in Asia and the UK

  • Analyst at a now defunct investment dotcom, where I was also the liaison between my department and the developers


  • MSc in Finance

  • MBA